In past decades, TV commercials, billboards, and print ads were used to reach the target audience. Among them, telemarketing is one of the best marketing strategies used to generate new leads, gather feedback, and maintain customer engagement.

Telemarketing is a low-cost and effective method where one business makes cold calls to another business. The purpose of calling can be generating new leads, identifying qualified prospects, or conducting market research. It targets customers based on their requirements, interests, and challenges. It persuades individuals to build interest in service offerings and make purchases based on facts or an expected ROI.

If you want to discover new opportunities for growth while building your brand awareness and reliability with appropriate dialogues, then B2B telemarketing is something that your company really wants.

At Abbion Tech Media, our experts provide valuable leads through telemarketing, which is a necessity for every enterprise. In simple terms, if you are part of high- market competition, telemarketing will provide you with profit as well as quality leads, and our organization will guide you through this process.

Benefits of our Telemarketing programs:

  • Clear intent & consent capture based on qualified leads.
  • 100% call recording, call notes & transcripts.
  • A team of 50+ certified calling experts to understand campaign requirements & target the right prospects.
  • Leads qualified & compliant as per requirements.
  • Tailor-made calling scripts to capture desired results.
  • GDPR & e-Privacy, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, CASL Compliant leads.